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Last Modified: 24th April 2020

Rentracks group provide the Affiliate marketing network service, etc.

We value the trust of protecting and using personal information. We will always take responsibility on privacy policy seriously by conducting our business in accordance with the following rules:

1. Collection, usage and provision of private information

We will collect, use and disclose any provided information under our management system designed to suit our business characteristic and scale. We will take all reasonable precaution to protect your information from misuse and keep it secure.

2. Laws and regulations

We shall comply with all applicable data protection laws and regulations mandated by the country of jurisdiction.

3. Security measures for private information

We shall take any reasonable action in order to ensure the safety and accuracy of private information and shall take corrective measures against any risks such as unauthorized access to private information, as well as loss, destruction, falsification and leakage of private information.

4. Correspondence to complaints and inquiries

If you have any complaints, inquiries, comment or concern regarding our privacy policy, then you may contact us via the following detail;
E-mail :

5. Efforts to private information protection (private information protection management system)

We will continually improve our efforts to appropriately protect private information.
Please contact the following for inquiries on private information protection
E-mail :

Management of personal information

1. The private information provided to us through our services or this website will be used solely for utilization purposes for our particular service as listed below.

Service list:
(1) To provide the various services operated by Rentracks and to provide information related to said services.
(2) To request payment of usage fees for services operated by Rentracks.
(3) To process system utilization compensation payments for services operated by Rentracks.
(4) To implement improvements to services operated by Rentracks and to develop new services.
(5) To prevent the use of services operated by Rentracks in ways that violate the terms of use.
(6) To conduct the hiring of candidates for employment at Rentracks.
(7) To response general inquiry, etc.,
We shall ask for your consent before using information for a purpose other than those that are set out in this Privacy Policy.

2. Facultative of private information provision

We may ask our clients to provide their private information as part of our service at our sole discretion. We reserve our right not to provide any service, entirely or partially, if necessary required information has not been fulfilled.

3. The following service may not be provided properly, if each information requirement cannot be fulfilled completely:

(1) General Inquiry Correspondence
(2) Rentracks for publisher
(3) Rentracks for advertiser

4. About Cookies

We use cookies on our website for the purposes of user trend survey research. In case that cookies have been disable, you may be restricted from using some features on our website.

5. Change of Privacy Policy

We may from time to time change our privacy policy and will post the update on our website. We will inform or give you the reasonable notice for any material change consider from our nature of service.

6. Contact for requesting disclosure, etc.

Private information support representative: Kotaro Takanouchi, Director of Rentracks CO.,LTD.
E-mail :
Rentracks group
– Rentracks Co., Ltd.
– Rentracks Vietnam Co., Ltd
– PT Rentracks Creative Works
– PT Rentracks Cocreation Indonesia
– Rentracks (Dalian) Information Technology Co. LTD
– Rentracks middle East
– Rentracks (Hong Kong) Co. Limited
– Rentracks Taiwan Co., Limited
– Rentracks Philippines Inc.
– Rentracks Mongol LLC
– Rentracks Malaysia Sdn. Bhd.
– Rentracks India Private Limited
– Rentracks Bangladesh Ltd.

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