Affiliate marketing is the process of earning a commission by promoting other people’s (or company’s) products and earn a piece of the profit for each sale that you make.

※ Find a product you like, promote it to others and earn commission.

According to a survey by Yano Institute of Economics and Research, the size of the affiliate marketing market in 2018 increased by 10.2% compared with the previous year, totaling approximately US$2.66856 billion, and is expected to increase by 8.7% in 2019, reaching approximately USD 2.8 billion

Yano Research Institute also predicts that the market will expand to approximately 2020 USD3.1 billion and reach approximately USD 4.2 billion in 2023.

In addition, according to the NPO Member Marketing Association’s survey of Affiliate programs, 29.7% of the Affiliate members are ‘no income’, 15.6% are ‘under US$10’, 9.3% are over US$10, and under US$50.

However, there are also people who are earning high payments. About 6.7% of people are earning “more than 10,000 US dollars”, and 4.0% of people are earning “more than 5,000 US dollars and under 10,000 US dollars.”

1. You join Rentracks affiliate program (https://manage.rentracksw.com/form/terms_of_service/publisher?src=rt)

2. You pick a product to promote (You will get a unique affiliate link)

3. You share the link via Social medias such as Instagram, Blog, YouTube videos, Facebook ads or any other forms.

4. When someone makes a purchase, you earn a affiliate commission.

STEP1 Advertiser

Rentracks track sales by setting tracking tag on the advertiser’s page.

Advertisers can define the conversion’s goals and CPS/CPA fees according to different marketing needs, and only pay according to effectiveness after achieving the promotion goals.

CPA:Cost Per Acquisition.

CPS:Cost Per Sales.

Depending on the payment model, there are the following operation methods:

CPA: Cost Per Acquisition. The KOLs complete the tasks you specified (such as completing online registration), and calculate a fixed amount according to each task.

CPA(Cost Per Acquisition)

Purpose: To complete the specified task

Applicable situation: billing after completing the task

CPS: Cost Per Sales. Customers purchase the products that recommended by the KOLs, and paid based on the percentage of the transaction amount of the sales.

CPS (Cost Per Sale)

Purpose: Increase orders and create revenue

Applicable scenarios: guide customers to consume, split profits and billing according to the shopping amount.

STEP2 Publisher

Rentracks dashboards generate link code for each publisher and program.

By using the link code, Rentracks can identifies whose the publisher that leading the consumers to the advertiser page.

Publishers use the link codes to introduce their favorite brand and services.


When the publisher’s link code is clicked by the user, Rentracks records the click on the dashboard through the server.

When the user who clicks on the publisher’s link code reaches the conversion point of the program, Rentracks will record Sales on the dashboard through the Rentracks tracking tag that installed on the advertiser page & server.

When there are sales recorded on the dashboard, the status will display as Pending.

Advertiser would change (Lock) the Sales status within the period set for each program/promotion.

Rentracks’s Sales status shows as below:





Disapproved means that the conversion point set by the program has not been reached.

Status: If the advertisers Disapproved, Publishers cannot receive commissions.

Approved means that you have reached the conversion points specified in the program.

Status: Approved allows publishers to receive commissions.

When rentracks invoiced the clients, the status will be lock and change it from approve to Invoiced.

Rentracks would confirm with the advertiser to change (lock) the Sales status at the end of every month.

Once the status had been changed(locked), the Sales status cannot be change again.

Starting from the Invoiced date, Rentracks will pay the publisher commission at the end of the following month.

Most of the publishers use affiliate marketing as a form of additional income.

The only requirement for publishers’ success in affiliate marketing is a social media account or website, with lots of interesting and useful content for follower.

These are some of the benefits affiliate marketing provides to the publishers:

Additional income

What passive income can be expected

If you are a KOL, you will always have to look for a new promotion, as regular campaigns are only one time.

The affiliate program has the characteristic that it is easy to continue because the conversion points are set by CPA/CPS.

So as long as you update the content and make conversions, you will earn continuous income.

No investment and operating costs required.

Publishers can become members of Rentracks Affiliate with no investment or operational costs.

No warehouse required.

You don’t have to build your own payment platform or use a warehouse compared to drop shipping.

Low Risk

Publishers get the opportunity to earn additional income with less risk.

Anyone who complies with the conditions can join.

Once you start an affiliate marketing (Affiliate Marketing) program, it may not immediately bring substantial performance, because the biggest feature of our marketing benefits is the continuously growth, which is the biggest difference from general advertising.

The reason why your performance will grow is because the characteristics of your marketing features. It will slowly brew and spread over time. However, after a long time, you will find that people who want to find related products on the Internet will come to your website, and almost all of these consumers arrived at your website because they saw your style of sharing.

Of course, your competitors will gradually be distanced by you.

Reminder: General exposure ads have a schedule, such as a week or a month, the number of visitors during the advertisement exposure will increase, but when the advertisement is downgraded, the effectiveness may also drop.

The balance between unit price and CVR is important.

Please ask our consultant for more details.

As an affiliate marketing service specialized in social media, we are developing a unique service.

Rentracks head quarter is in Japan and we are operating services in each country mainly in Asia. We also plan to add in more international brand.

It is depending on the advertiser’s circumstances, but Rentracks Affiliate program has almost no end date and no limit for the commission.

You may reset the password by resetting it on the login page.

There is only one account per person.

According to the laws of each country, those under the age of 18 cannot register.

Although it is based on the rules of each country, foreigners can also register.

To pay the fee, you will need to submit the bank account of the program country and the required documents from the court.

Deep linking is when you generate affiliate links to individual products in your store. So, instead of your affiliate links pointing to your homepage, a deep affiliate link points to the individual product.

In Dashboard, go to Account settings, you can change your account informations such as Name, Address, Bank information…

Commissions are only counted for successful orders.

The highest commission value is up to 7%.

Go to ‘Cooperation Management’ in the ‘Products’ section.

You can request for the cooperation by ticking ‘Request for cooperation ‘, next is to choose‘ Ways of getting visitors’ – SEO or PPC, then, fill the sections of ‘Keywords listing’, ‘Expected sales number’.

Once finished all sections, click ‘Apply’ and waiting system for approval.