Sustainable & Effective
Online Earning
with Affiliate Marketing
+500 Brands
+3 Commission levels
+8 Payment periods
within a month
24/7 Support
from a professional team
6 Advantages to Boost Your Income
with Rentracks
- Japan's Leading Affiliate Marketing Network
Easy Start
Promote +25,000 quality products/services with:
  • NO branding costs
  • NO worries about purchasing, inventory, and shipping
  • NO time and location constraints
7 Optimization Tools
Useful toolset empowers Publisher to create mini-websites, Affiliate links and system easily
Fast Payouts
Receive commissions 2-8 times per month

(*) By 2022, Rentracks has processed over 1 million transactions for partners
Transparent and Accurate Measurement
Monitor real-time results and optimize promptly with a system developed by the Japanese engineering team
+3 Attractive Commission levels
Generate outstanding revenue with 3-4 tiers of commissions per month
24/7 Support
Resolve challenges with professional Affiliate Manager team having experience assisting +13,000 partners in increasing monthly income
Efficient Affiliate Support Tools
Create Mini-Websites
Allow you to create mini-website for free and quickly based on your own ideas to showcase diverse content, attract customers, and increase conversion rates
Generate Affiliate Links
Provides 5 tools to assist Publisher in generating Affiliate links for various objectives: Deeplink, Datafeed, Coupon, Autolink, SmartConvert
Real-Time Reporting
5 reports ranging from overview to detailed to track data such as: order, ad distribution, and commission by date, channel, campaign, and order. This empowers Publisher to make intelligent decisions and optimize effectiveness
API Integration
Designed for business partners owning a network of Publishers and seeking to build their own separate Affiliate system (distinct from Rentracks' system) for flexible management and tracking. The API connects with Rentracks' system and assists partners in setting up an Affiliate system easily.
Diversified Industries
Financial Services
Online Services
Health & Beauty
Mobile apps
Travel & Leisure
500+ Trusted Brands Partnered with Rentracks
Individuals: Individuals with a desire to earn money online, whether employed or not
Organizations: Companies with teams possessing Marketing skills and a desire to increase income
Especially, the Affiliate journey becomes more accessible if you possess any of the following traits:
  • Expertise in a specific field
  • Ability to attract customers through online Marketing skills: building communities/social channels; running advertisements; SEO/Blogging; Email; Push Notifications, etc.
Easily Increase Your Income in 4 Steps
Ready to embark on the journey of earning money online
and boosting income with Japan's leading affiliate marketing network?
Reasons +7000 Customers Trust Rentracks
Listed on the Japanese Stock Exchange (JPX)
Technology Fast 500™ Asia Pacific (APAC) ranked by Deloitte
$200 Million/year
- Revenue (*) updated in 2022
18 Branches in 14 countries
+17 Years of experience
Top Revenue Race
During each Revenue Race event, Publishers have the opportunity to receive special commission rates and rewards from Rentracks
Charity Contribution
Every Publisher participating in certain events with Rentracks contributes to charitable funds, providing support to people in need.
Gratitude on Special Occasions
Receive gifts on holidays and festive occasions from the Rentracks team

Being a freelancer, flexibility in time and location, as well as stable cash flow, are my priorities.

And Rentracks not only allows me to work anytime, anywhere, with weekly payments to ensure stable cash flow, but also helps me increase income by providing offers that match my strengths and monthly reward programs.

Tâm - Freelancer

Participating in Rentracks gives me the opportunity to promote reputable brands on platforms like Lazada, Tiki, Shopee, and TikTok shop, and receive booking fees or commissions. This not only increases my income but also helps me build quality for my channel and grow a sustainable follower base.


Initially, I joined Rentracks to leverage my multi-platform advertising skills like Facebook, Google, and TikTok, which I use at my main job to earn extra income.

However, after some time of participation, the commission rates and the AM team have kept me with Rentracks until now.

The campaigns I'm running with Rentracks usually have base commissions and additional bonuses. The base commissions are generally equal to or higher than the market rate, and due to the added bonus commissions, my total earnings are quite high.

Regarding the AM team, they always support me in resolving issues with campaigns, from obtaining affiliate links, using the system, order tracking problems, and even campaign optimization. Thanks to their support, I've managed to overcome various challenges easily during my initial period.

Khang - Full-time Marketer
Frequently Asked Questions

Affiliate Marketing and MLM are two completely different concepts. Affiliate Marketing allows individuals to voluntarily participate without coercion, no costs upon entry, and promotes products/services with clear origins and quality from reputable suppliers. Commissions are only earned when participants successfully promote the products/services they choose.

Affiliate Marketing is not a scam. Since there are no costs to join and commissions are solely based on your ability to promote products/services, requiring your investment of time, effort, and skills, it is considered a legitimate job rather than a scam.

Identifying scam Affiliate programs:

  • Requires joining fees
  • Lack of specific products/services or provision of low-quality, unverified products

Participants do not incur any fees when joining

Payment time: Payment time varies from 1 week to 1 month after successful promotion of a product/service. (Payment time depends on the industry and the product/service. For specific payment details of the product/service you're promoting, after registration, kindly contact Rentracks or your dedicated Affiliate Manager (AM) for further consultation.)

Payment method: Commission earnings will be paid through bank transfers. After registering your Publisher account with Rentracks, you'll provide payment-related information like bank details. Once you successfully promote a product/service, Rentracks will transfer your commission to the registered bank account.

There are no specific requirements to become a Publisher at Rentracks. However, your chances of success in Affiliate Marketing are higher if you possess any of the following traits:

  • KOL/KOC with a large amount of followers on social media
  • Passion and expertise in a specific field, along with a desire to increase income in that field
  • Knowing how to build a community, create social channels, or having experience in running advertisements

There are two main traffics of doing Affiliate Marketing: Free and Paid traffic.

Free traffic: is the traffic you receive without having to run paid advertising campaigns or spending money, but you're often investing time and effort in creating valuable content or optimizing your site/channel to attract viewers/followers.

  • SEO website/blog:
  • 1. Product/Service Reviews
    2. Price Comparison Websites
    3. Discount/Voucher/Coupon Websites
    4. Cashback Websites
  • Community Building
  • Social media: If you have your own social media channels like TikTok, Youtube, Instagram, Facebook, you can use your follower base to promote the chosen product/service.
  • Email
  • Push notification
  • Paid traffic: Paid advertising on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, Twitter, Zalo, etc. Typically, Publisher using Paid traffic have experience with ad campaigns on these platforms.

=> If you possess any of these traffic, don't hesitate to sign up as a Publisher today to increase your income.

Content, images, and the product/service website will be provided by the Advertiser/Brand of those specific products/services. Your role is to distribute the provided content/images to your target customers.

There are 5 reports for Publishers to monitor performance and revenue:

  • Overview Report: Gives an overall view of order status, ad distribution, and revenue.
  • Daily Report: Compares and tracks data daily
  • Channel Report: Compares and tracks channels, allowing tailored optimization for each channel (suitable for Pulisher owning multiple channels).
  • Campaign Report: Compares and tracks campaigns (the products/services you're promoting), providing insights into statistics and commissions.
  • Order Report: Tracks detailed orders generated from each campaign.

  • Step 1: Sign up to become a Publisher with Rentracks HERE
  • Step 2: Choose suitable products/services or brands aligned with your strengths
  • Step 3: Promote products across your channels to attract potential customers
  • Step 4: Receive commissions from Rentracks and the brands you promote