Unleash Exceptional Revenue Growth
through Affiliate Marketing with Rentracks
With an effortless setup and an accurate tracking measurement system, Rentracks enhances your business growth.
+ 81% Businesses
Businesses Boosting Brand Awareness
& Revenue through Affiliate Marketing
25% Revenue
Online Sales Increased through
Affiliate Marketing
~ 100% R.O.I
Payment Upon Meeting Your
Conversion Goals
Growth solutions for business
Affiliate program setup & management
Consulting & initiating affiliate marketing programs
Moblie App Solution
User Acquisition & User Engagement/Retention
Recruiting & managing Publishers
Partners who create & distribute advertising to target
customers: KOL/KOC, Agency, reviewer....
Strategy development
Strategy development to attract potential
customers & grow revenue
Varied Pricing Strategies for Client Business Goals
CPO - Cost per Order
CPS - Cost per Sales
CPL - Cost per Lead
CPQL - Cost per Qualified Lead
CPI - Cost per Install
CPR - Cost per Registration
CPA - Cost per Action
With 7 strategic categories
Mobile app
Online service
Travel & Leisure
Exploring 9 Exceptional Traffic Sources
Media Buying & Advertising
Content Creation across YouTube, Blogs, & Social Groups
Cashback Site & App
Ad Network for Web & Mobile Apps
Promotion of Deals & Coupons
Email Marketing
Engagement with Influencers & Social Reviewers
Shopping Comparison Services
Subnetwork Services
Media Buying & Advertising
Ad Network for Web & Mobile Apps
Engagement with Influencers and Social Reviewers
Content Creation across YouTube, Blogs, & Social Groups
Promotion of Deals & Coupons
Shopping Comparison Services
Cashback Site & App
Email Marketing
Subnetwork Services
Define target conversion
Sign the contract
Price policy, control and payment conditions.
Integrate technology & measure performance
Through attaching script tag, connecting S2S, MMP,... & checking the results recorded on the measurement system.
Execute & optimize the campaign
Announcement of campaign launch to Publisher. Review deployment & optimize conversion.
Verify conversions & make payments
Record valid conversions & payments.
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